Responsive Web Design and Construction

Jane Branch Art website uses mobile-friendly 'responsive web design' The widespread use of mobiles means that most website visitors will 'arrive by mobile'. Modern websites must be 'mobile-friendly' - this is achieved by responsive web design.

I design and construct 'responsive' websites for many different types of client, including ...

'responsive web design' uses HTML & style-sheets to 'respond' (resize, hide, show or move the content) to a visitor's screen-size, giving a positive experience on any device.
A'Feed-ability ™

A'Feed-ability Automatically brings 'live' content onto a web-page by embedding a 'feed' from an external source e.g. a Google App, such as Blogger or Sheets. These familiar apps provide easy-to-use, cloud-based content-management of ...

A client asked for a website they could update themselves - with A'Feed-ability ™, they have a website that updates itself.