IF only is me, Iain Ferguson - developing Software for over 20 years. In that time, information and applications have moved from 'the desktop' into 'the cloud'.

The tools & techniques are more sophisticated, but my goal remains the same - to provide every client with a cost-effective solution that delivers real benefits. I specialise in...

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a: Hilbre, Thornley Drive, Teignmouth, Devon
Enjoy England 4-star self-catering Stay in our 4-star self-catering Hilbre Apartment overlooking the Teign Estuary.

Wendy Hayden Sadler Artist October 2018 - the website of South Devon artist Wendy Hayden Sadler at Wendy Hayden Sadler Artist gets a new Gallery based on a Blogger blog and a 'mobile-friendly' update.

Jane Branch Art October 2017 - the website of another South Devon artist, Jane Branch, at Jane Branch Art also got a new Gallery based on a Blogger blog and a 'mobile-friendly' update.

Eleanor Fossey's website Apr 2017 - Eleanor Fossey's website gets a 'mobile-friendly' update. This Devon-based dramatist is best known for her award-winning one act plays and her BBC-commissioned radio plays.

IF only Software website Mar 2017 - this website at ifonlysoftware.co.uk gets a mobile-friendly update, plus a new 'IoS' logo and improved visual presentation.

Wendy Hayden Sadler Artist website Feb 2016 - the new Wendy Hayden Sadler Artist website goes 'live'. It has A'Feed-ability™; the Picasa Data API provides links to her images stored in webAlbums.

Cloudsheet™ Jan 2016 - Cloudsheet™ builds upon SMEs' widespread use of spreadsheets. It gives control of how others see a spreadsheet in 'the cloud', with multiple audiences each given a different view.