Cloudsheet ™

Cloudsheet Many businesses use spreadsheets to share information with others - partners, suppliers and customers. Today, anyone can share spreadsheets in 'the cloud', with real benefits of availability and version control. However, your spreadsheet may contain rows and/or columns holding sensitive information that is 'for your eyes only'.

Cloudsheet ™ gives you control how others see your spreadsheet in 'the cloud', allowing you to decide how much each particular audience sees.

Cloudsheet ™ - a simple demonstration

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Ficticious 'Widget Supplies' has a Customer Orders spreadsheet for internal use - however, they realise it contains useful information for their customers. Rather than producing reports for each customer, they uploaded the Customer Orders spreadsheet to Google Sheets and use Clousheet ™ to control each customer's view.

Excel Cloak™ - a 'cloaking device' for Microsoft Excel

Excel logo When an Excel spreadsheet needs to be truly hidden - invisible; Excel Cloak™ runs the spreadsheet as an invisible background process.

Excel Cloak™ is a technique rather than a specific program - the result of many years' experience with Excel's 'Object Model'. Applications include training exercises, business games, finance/budget models and sensitive human-resources analysis.

Excel Cloak™ Application - the ABFA Business Simulation

ABFA logo Quidditas logo The ABFA Diploma Course includes a business simulation for several teams of delegates, modelling their business sector over a number of business periods. This simulation was originally developed as a complex, multi-sheet Excel spreadsheet, but the training provider 'Quidditas' required the spreadsheet to be hidden from the very competitive delegates - they chose Excel Cloak™. The benefits include ...