IF only is me, Iain Ferguson - developing Software for over 20 years. In that time, information and applications have moved from 'the desktop' into 'the cloud'.

The development tools and techniques have become more sophisticated, but my goal remains the same - to provide every client with a cost-effective solution delivering real benefits. I specialise in ...

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t: 07973 222145
a: Hilbre, Thornley Drive, Teignmouth, Devon
Enjoy England 4-star self-catering Stay in our 4-star self-catering Hilbre Apartment overlooking the Teign Estuary.

McGraw Stone Consulting website May 2017 - the website for the London boutique 'search & selection' consultancy of McGraw Stone Consulting gets a 'mobile-friendly' update, with improved visual presentation and use of the Blogger Data API.

Eleanor Fossey's website Apr 2017 - Eleanor Fossey's website gets a 'mobile-friendly' update. This Devon-based dramatist is best known for her award-winning one act plays and her BBC-commissioned radio plays.

IF only Software website Mar 2017 - this website at ifonlysoftware.co.uk gets a mobile-friendly update, plus a new 'IoS' logo and improved visual presentation.

Wendy Hayden Sadler Artist website Feb 2016 - the new Wendy Hayden Sadler Artist website goes 'live'. It has A'Feed-ability™; the Picasa Data API provides links to her images stored in webAlbums.

SNPST website Jan 2016 - the SNPST website gets an update. This Tring-based group gives support to parents of children with 'special needs'.

DiY Life-Mechanics - A Workshop Manual for Living Sept 2015 - 'DiY Life-Mechanics - A Workshop Manual for Living', the book to accompany the Life-Mechanics website, is published by Austin Macauley.

Excel Cloak June 2015 - Excel Cloak™ again 'hides' the Business Simulation spreadsheet from the competitive delegates on the ABFA Diploma course.